Imagination Space Center (IMSPACE): this is an idea that reminds us of the power that comes from connecting the imaginations of different people and the impact on reality that the choices of each of us have. Reminds that each person experiences reality individually and his actions are an expression of personal experiences: memory and dreams. Together, we create the rules of the space we live by - we learn, create tools and care for what is important, beautiful and valuable to us. We work professionally as dancers, actors, dance instructors and beginner choreographers.

The aim of our activities at the Imagination Space Center Association is to inspire to implement creative ideas, develop a creative attitude towards reality and improve competences in selected areas.

We organize meetings (including workshops, performances, discussions) inviting people to share their inspirations, knowledge, experiences, ideas and energy. We create a space for creative work based on the values we identify with. We are united by the will to act with empathy, compassion and love.  

Art gives us the opportunity to develop sensitivity, open-mindedness and respect for the world's diversity; stimulates the imagination, allows you to see new possibilities and solutions. Through art, we learn to see and appreciate beauty. We believe that movement occurs everywhere, in various forms, constantly and uninterruptedly being a feature of nature and the foundation of the world. Through dance, we set ourselves in motion, develop our human skills, revive our imagination and the sense of the meaning of life. For us, dance and theater are the main tools for exploring the world and expressing experiences.

First team: