oryginal programme

Freedom of Expression czyli How to be yourself among people?

I invite you to the sensual laboratory of expression. We will create a space where we will awaken imagination, courage and spontaneity, expand the image of ourselves, become aware of physical and mental limitations, observe them and gently transcend them. Together, we will look for ways to feel free to express more fully and integrated. Our lessons will be based on improvisation. We will start with movement and dance, and we will get where our imagination takes us.

During the workshop, we will use elements of acting and dance techniques and improvisation to practice mindful, multi-sensory perception, empathy and communication, self-confidence and a creative attitude towards reality. Participants will receive tools and inspirations that can be developed and used not only during classes, but in their everyday life.

Art Spaces
Fot. Arkadiusz Ławrywianiec